My name is Xiomara. My mother abandoned my 10 siblings and me during a big storm that lasted 8 days. I like living in the Exodo Home because my substitute mother is good and doesn't yell at me. I am going to school and learning many new things.
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The location of El Salvador makes it vulnerable to natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes which often leave thousands homeless.
35% of the population is living below the poverty line; that number increases to 49% in rural areas.
1/3 of Salvadorian children drop out of school by fifth grade, leaving them uneducated and often having to support themselves through illicit professions.
79 of 100 children are victims of domestic abuse, leading to high levels of street children and gangs.

Whether abandoned, abused or neglected by families coping with poverty, children in El Salvador learn early that they must support themselves. This often leads to begging and prostitution, both of which are rampant in the city streets. Lack of education and basic health care means a hard life for many. Economic conditions have been hardened by many events including the Civil War and major natural disasters, including an eruption of the Santa Ana volcano in 2005 and a hurricane in 2005.

Fundación Éxodo was established in 2001 as a home for El Salvador’s abandoned and abused children. Many of the children come from families who were destroyed by the civil war, which raged during the 1980s, taking more than 75,000 lives. Forty children, ages 3 to 18, live in four homes under the care of live-in house parents. They learn life skills and obtain formal education in a Christ centered environment.

As needed, children have access to counseling and therapy to assist in their spiritual physical and emotional healing. In addition to primary education, older students have an opportunity to participate in vocational training or university study so that they can be self supporting members of their communities.

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