My name is Estela. My dad is blind. I miss my dad very much, but I will study hard so someday I can earn lots of money to buy my dad everything he wants. I have many friends here and they take really good care of me.
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Priscila Abigail Ramos Quispe (OLD)
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Birthday: Novemeber 11, 1992
Place of Hope: Centro de Esperanza, Andahuaylas, Peru
Intrests/Activities: Sewing,Cooking,Track, Folk Dance

Priscila is from a broken home where she and her family were abused. Her father abandoned her when she was only six months old. Once Priscila’s father left, her mother tried to make ends meet by washing clothes, but couldn’t look after her. Her mother suffered from strong cases of nervous depression, arthritis and could hardly take care of herself. Even before her bouts of depression, her mother had begun to constantly mistreat Priscila and her sister, Magaly. Priscila was initially taken into Centro de Esperanza so as to help her mother regain her mental and physical health.

Priscila is a very shy child who craves affection. Priscila has made a decision to accept Jesus into her heart. At the home, she regularly helps with kitchen duties. She is very responsible and is currently studying at CEN “Juan Espinoza Medrano” School. She is learning how to sew and cook would one day like to start her own restaurant. Priscila participates in folkloric dance and has excelled in sports. She has won numerous metals and has represented her school and community by running in track and field events.

Economic conditions in Peru leave 6.5 million children living in extreme poverty.  Many children are abandoned due to financial burden and face a life of hopelessness without intervention.  Your generous support provides Places of Hope children with food, shelter, clothing, access to healthcare, and education. Sponsorship gives more than the basics… gives life.

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