My name is Christian. My mother abandoned my 10 siblings and me during a big storm. I like living in the Exodo Home because I have many friends to play with. My substitute mother is really nice to me.
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Nelson Noe Mejia Rodríguez
El Salvador
Hope Children
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My name is Nelson.  Everyone say that I have “pretty brown eyes”.  I used to live with my mother, but she treated me very badly.  She had mental problems and would hit me every time I tried to speak.  Because of this, I was afraid to talk when I came to ÉXODO. 


I think that Exodo is a very nice place.  We have a basketball court and a soccer field and I play there with the other kids. 


I also got to go to a special place where they taught me how to speak properly.  They even found out that I had a physical problem with the structure of my jaw.  Because of this, I have to wear a blue apparatus on my head that attaches to my teeth everyday.  The other boys in my house say that I look like the blue Power Ranger! I am Second grade and when I grow up, I want to be a doctor.


Nelson is an extremely hard worker in school.  Sometimes he even asks his houseparents for more homework!  Nelson also loves art!



March 30th, 1997


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