Santiago came to live in the Exodo Home in June 2011. Father and mother died some time ago and he was then abandoned by his aunt's family. Santiago is very sweet and loves little children. He teaches them to play soccor and is very affectionate.
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Annamalai Nehru (OLD)
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Annamalai Nehru lives in the Hebron Home for scavenger children in Thiruvannamalai located in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. He is currently in the seventh grade. His father Nehru works in field for daily wages. His mother Poongavanam stays at home.  


Because of poverty and the economic condition in which Annamalai and his entire family live, it is impossible for them to have even one good meal a day. However, with your love, prayer and support Annamalai will have access to health care and education. In addtion, he and his family will have an opportunity to know Jesus. Your support will make a great impact in the life of Annamalai Nehru and his family. Thank you for your continued prayers!


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